Avaya B129 Conference Phone

Compact and portable, the B129 is an ideal choice for small huddle spaces or remote meetings. Despite its size, it provides excellent audio quality and supports Bluetooth connectivity.

Comparative Factors:

  • Room Size and Purpose: Choose a model based on your conference room size – from small huddle spaces to large boardrooms.
  • Audio Quality: Avaya’s OmniSound® technology ensures clear and natural audio, enhancing communication effectiveness.
  • Connectivity: Consider options like Bluetooth, USB, and smartphone integration to streamline communication.
  • User Interface: Touch screen interfaces, like on the B169 and B199, offer intuitive controls and a modern user experience.
  • Expandability: Some models, such as the B179, offer the option to add expansion microphones for larger coverage.
  • Mobility: The portable B129 is perfect for remote or impromptu meetings on the go.

Selecting the right Avaya conference phone involves assessing your unique needs and preferences. Whether it’s a small team huddle or a large boardroom gathering, Avaya offers a range of solutions tailored to ensure seamless, effective communication.



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